Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Played in event #1 last night on Pokerstars. Weird tourney. For the first hour and a half, I was playing at a table with 4-5 people "sitting out." These free promo tourneys are always like that. They shouldn't allow registration until an hour before the start of the tourney. I didn't recognize any bloggers, and when I looked up OhCaptain, he was one of the "sitting out" players and never made it to play. It was fun as people got home from work, or whatever, and popped up with their diminished stack. They would usually be all-in within a few hands and you could pick them off pretty easily if you woke up to any kind of moderately good hand. I finished in 125th place and got my $11 SCOOP ticket. I hope the main event is better. Maybe there will be a couple bloggers I recognize in that. By the time I got knocked out of event #1, practically my whole table was chatting in Spanish, including about 4 observers.
Does anybody know when Walmart started carrying life sized AlCantHang dolls? He looks in pretty rough shape. Maybe that's why they're only charging $6 for him.

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