Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I'm looking to infuse some new vocabulary/slang into the poker world. As I mentioned before, I'm sick of donk this, and donk that. You're a donk, I'm a donk, everywhere a donk donk. Can we at least start mixing jackass in there somewhere? Same thing anyway, right?
Has anyone heard any good new terms, insults, adjectives? I need a word for when somebody plays horribly, but sucks out. I saw "ghey" the other day, but it kinda creeped me out. Too PC. Something along the lines of "lame," or "pathetic"...
The term I want to coin is "fool house." When there are two pair on the board, and you have the lower full house, that is a "fool house." Kinda like the sucker straight.
Well, let me know if you have any good ones....

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