Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here's a little movie I made on xtranormal about my facebook experiences. Most of the status updates are actual posts from my facebook friends.....


  1. Brilliant and hysterical. Caitlin and I were just talking about how insane the whole "change your profile picture to an 80's cartoon character to take a stand against child abuse." Who exactly is FOR child abuse? I mean, maybe child molestors, but like, come on? Is this really taking a stand? I swear every day I'm this close to getting rid of the stupid thing. But then who would I share my Michael Caine impression videos with?

  2. That Michael Caine video is the best thing I've ever seen on facebook!

  3. i like this... (had to type that, could't find the "like" button)

  4. So funny!! And so true. Wow, I never realized how close I've been to being de-friended (unfriended?) by you.

    About the cartoon profile pix though, being in the biz I'm in, I thought this was interesting...