Monday, January 18, 2010


To paraphrase my main man Ice Cube, "Yesterday was a good day." I should say former main man. How he went from one of the angriest gansta rapper to making the shittiest kids movies of all time, I'll never know.

The day started with an incredible victory by my beloved Vikes. I thought Dallas would be the biggest challenge for the Vikes in the NFC. I hate the Cowgirls. Despise them. From Drew Pearson's push off Hail Mary in '75, to the worst trade in the history of sports (Herchel Walker in exchange for two Super Bowls), to Emmit Smith slowly and mundanely creeping past the great Walter Payton's rushing record, right up through the T.O.-Tony Homo era. The beating that the Vikings laid on the Cowboys was beautiful. I have never seen a defensive front four dominate and control a game as much as yesterday. Ray Edwards had a career day before getting hurt, the Williams Brothers were at their disruptive best, and Jared Allen was a force of nature unleashed. They actually lived up to all the pre game hype. Not an easy thing to do. And it's a good thing that they did, because the Vikings secondary is banged up (and pretty weak even before that). I don't think I saw one deep ball from Dallas. Romo didn't have time. He was too busy fumbling or inspecting the Metrodome turf. How's it look Tony?

Favre on the other hand was the man. Even though he was pressured too, the old man stayed calm and hit Sidney Rice for three of the prettiest touchdowns all year. I would also like to invite that macho jack off Brookings to fornicate with himself. If you didn't want to be embarrassed, then maybe you shouldn't have laid down. Go cry on that meglomanical crypt-keeper Jerry Jone's shoulder. I'm sure he'll be sympathetic. On to New Orleans, who I don't fear at all. Defense wins championships.

The day ended with Martin Scorcese getting a lifetime acheivment award, and The Dude finally winning best actor at the Golden Globes. It was heart warming to see him get a standing ovation. Fairly tepid award ceremony other than that, even Ricky Gervais' insults seemed flat. Was it me, or did they not do a "people who died" segment? Looks like a terrible year in movies. I'm a little worried for the Oscars. They definitely picked the wrong year to go to ten nominations for best movie.

So there you have it. Momma cooked the breakfast with no hog, no barking from the dogs (except the D-line of the Vikes), and I didn't even have to use my A K. I gotta say it was a good day.

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