Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had a funny experience yesterday. My poker game is getting back on track, which is always a mood elevator, plus I was still riding the wave of the Vikings big win. When I logged into Felt Up during a poker session, I was delighted to see my third comment ever! When I clicked on it however, I found it was spam for phone sex. I had to laugh. It was raunchy stuff too. "For Granny sex dial ###-####, for Tranny sex dial ###-####, for Sarah Palin sex dial ###-####, etc. etc. Real creepy fetishes (at least the third one is). Well, smut peddlers have to eat too! At least a spammer found my blog. They must scour every corner of the internet box!
One of my favorite writers, Nick Tosches, said that everyone is a whore, so at least be a high priced whore. Very true. I myself have started prostituting myself for some luxury suites in Vegas, which I will shamelessly plug here. They seem like really nice suites, at good prices, so I figured what the hell. They offer particularily good deals for extended stays (WSOP anyone?). The Palms Place is right across from the Rio, in the heart of the Palms complex. Nice rooms with all the amenities.
So far I've been banned from one poker forum for life and haven't even received my first paycheck. We'll see how that works out.
I left the phone sex comment up because it cracked me up. Who knows, one of my readers might need one of those #'s too. Besides, I have to respect my fellow hucksters, don't I? Also, I was in such a good mood after the Vikes game and The Dude getting a standing ovation for his best actor Globe. Christ, after that I was in such a great mood that I didn't even skip Hotel California when it came on Pandora while I was playing poker. And I hate the fucking Eagles, man.
I did add the word verification to my comments. After all, a little phone sex spam goes a long way.

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