Sunday, December 20, 2009


Playing on PokerStars last night, I noticed that as you sink lower and lower into the micro scraps tables, the chat actually increases. People wanting to talk sports, make friends, the obligatory nh-nb-ty-gg-gl, but most importantly the criticisms. It seems the lower the stakes sink, the more people want to sink to the level of insults.
Last night I was playing in a .10 cent, 360 person turbo S-n-G, and 3 people were all-in. It was A-J vs. 7's vs. A-Q. After the hand was over (A-Q won), a player who wasn't in the hand said "F'ing Donks." First of all, if you're not in the hand, shut the fuck up! Don't you have some kiddie porn to be watching or an American Idol chat room you could be on instead of boring us with your pathetic chatter? Secondly, those were perfectly good plays by all three players for their positions/stack size. Learn how to fucking play poker before you start passing out critiques you fucking inbred pig-fucker! Thirdly, Donks? In a 10 cent sit and go? Gee. Ya think, Einstein? Of course there are going to be donks in a fucking dime turbo you retarded douchebag. And fourthly, get some new fucking material please. Enough with the donk this, and the donk that. Give it a fucking rest already. And the first 20-30 pictures of various donkey avatars made me kind of chuckle......but come on. Enough already. And speaking of avatars, what's with people using pictures of their mewling, snot-nosed, cross eyed bag of mucus babies? I'm playin' poker...I don't wanna look at a fucking picture of mini-you. What, am I supposed to feel sorry for you because you knocked up your fat ass, Benson and Hedges smoking, TGIF waitress, fucking excuse of a high school girlfriend? Give me a break! Your mistake, not mine. Am I supposed to not win a pot cause I'd be taking the strained beets out of your diaper-fillers mouth? Fuck you! If you love your kids so much, get off the fucking degenerate poker site and go play with them! In the meantime I take great pleasure in Block Image, Block Image, no more babies.
So, for all you big money poker pros out there playing on the 2-5 cent tables, take your bad attitude, your rapists wit and flawless poker skills, and go play Isildur1 for christ's sake, and leave us poor peasants alone! Of course I could chat back at these assholes, but I think you can figure out my position on that.

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