Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So I was jumping around to different random blogs last night, you know, doing some research, and I've come to a few not so scientific conclusions. It appears that there are 3 types of blogs in this world: specialty blogs, pet blogs, and family blogs.
The specialty blogs cover a wide variety of topics; poker, sports, baking cookies, homeopathic remedies etc. They are pretty straight forward. If you don't like Nascar, don't read Bubba's Jimmie Johnson tribute blog. Being totally objective, they tend to be a lot more interesting because they have more focus. If it's a subject you like and it's moderately well written, you'll enjoy it.
The pet blogs are a whole different world. In my small sample group, they were by far the majority. They tend to be written from the point of view of the animal, which can be fairly amusing, or sickeningly pathetic. Things like "Mum came home late tonight. She gave me a special treat though! I love it when Mum rubs my belly...." etc. etc. My absolute favorite was the blog "written" by some lady's 6 pet rats. I had a pet rat as a kid. They are absolutely adorable, affectionate, and smart, but even I was a little freaked out by that blog.
The final category is the family blog. 90% of them are boring run of the mill Tad did this, Porche made the cheerleading squad, here's a photo of us in front of the fireplace with our sweaters, aren't we just the perfect well adjusted family. Almost all of them have found Jesus (I didn't know he was hiding) and it is reflected in their kids names. Michelle Faith, Shelley Grace, John Holier Than Thou, and on and on. I find these blogs absolutely tedious. Maybe if I knew the They'd still be boring as shit. The other 10% were the ones that got my attention. They dealt with a child, or family member that is really sick. Sometimes they document their battles, and sometimes they just want to celebrate their loved ones while they are here. These are some of the most touching and heart wrenching blogs you will ever read, because they are so real and so passionate. My heart goes out to everyone who is going through that, and I hope their blogs bring them some joy and peace. Most blogs are so self centered, it's uplifting to read some that are dedicated to preserving the memory of someone else.
Isn't that what a blog is anyway? A chance to share something that just has to come out one way or another? Most good writers write for themselves anyway, they don't cater to a specific audience. So really it's the writing that's important, not who, if anybody, reads it. I'm actually reassured in a way that my writing is just rattling around out there in the big internet box, like one Tron hyper-bike with nobody else playing (yes I'm a child of the 80's). It doesn't really matter if anybody reads it, the important thing is that it's out there. Bouncing around off the walls. Amusing itself.

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  1. yeah well i was blog surfing, and of course i came across yours, and i liked it, so there.