Thursday, January 20, 2011


One of the best things for me about 2010 was having three really short stories published in the online magazine Truckin', which is edited by Tenzin McGrupp. He has been publishing Truckin' for nine years, and it is a labor of love. There are no ads or annoying flashing banners. There are no log-in pages or spammy email lists. Just creative and innovative fiction every month. Sure, Truckin' doesn't pay anything for submissions, but it's an honor to be among such passionate and dedicated writers, who range from rank amateurs to seasoned pros. Truckin' provides an outlet for free thought and expression, and hell, every once in awhile you might stumble across a great story! And it doesn't cost a penny. Mr. McGrupp himself is a little bit of a hack writer, but hey, aren't we all?

Since the name of the magazine is Truckin', I thought it would be appropriate to submit a road trip story. I ended up doing a trilogy of autobiographical travelogues. They represent three decades, three points in life, and three geographical areas. I can assure you that every word is true, and none of the names have been changed to protect jack shit.


The Lone Horseman (the Midwest in the 80's)
NY, NY (the East Coast in the 90's)
Lost Angle Lease (the West Coast in the Ought's)

Thanks again to Tenzin for his tireless work on behalf of the written word, and he knows I'm kidding around with him. He's not even a little bit of a hack............he's a tremendous hack.

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