Saturday, January 15, 2011


My friend JJ commisioned a "sexy Marge" painting, and here it is:

Forbidden D'oh Nut [sold]

When you first look at the painting, you should be drawn to Marge's big, round, inviting eyes, then look over to the golden doughnut in her right hand, then to her breasts and on down her long leg. The crushed Duff beer can implies the presence of Homer. Are we looking from his point of view? Is he more turned on by Marge, or by the doughnuts? Marge's sly grin is contrasted with the snarl of the bear in the lower left corner. Is that because we are conflicted about sexually objectifying a beloved mother figure? Does the bear represent our subconscious, and do we secretly want Marge to sit on us? Or is the bear a guardian, protecting the virtue of a mythic animated goddess? Is Marge holding the forbidden doughnut, or is she the forbidden doughnut herself???

But perhaps I'm overanalyzing it.

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