Monday, January 24, 2011


It's time for another installment of S*** My Friend MK says. I met him at the theater, and his enthusiasm for life despite obvious problems has always inspired me.
His facebook posts are priceless. A few months ago, he signed up for 4square, or hopscotch, or whereintheworldami, or one of those ridiculous social media I'm-so-important-you-need-to-know-where-I-am-at-all-times GPS apps. The funny thing is that it always just says he's at his home address. Maybe he doesn't bring his phone on his trips to the mall or work. Wait, I know he brings it with him because he's always playing facebook Bejeweled Blitz on it (and crushing my scores by the way). I guess he only updates it when he's at home. Classic MK.
Here's a few of his latest status updates:

There are two things that people don't know about me: 1) I'm nuts and 2) I don't give a damn about it!

I got three things to do tomorrow: work, watch tv and then sleep not in that order :)

new songs ! "convoy" by C.W. McCall and "Jurassic Park" by the master movie mintro himself John Williams! yes I kick it like that!

I just want to say Merry Chirsmass to all and to all a good night, call me for a shift I'll punch out your light! to all my friends both great and not I hope you injoy what you have got! and people say I can't rap!

ok, I like to say frist and formost that I am fine, the tooth extrasion was a little bity naster than I or the dentice had thought, after TWO shot of novicain and a ues of a drill to slip the root in two to be pulled out, after I got home I was in bed and out cold. I'll be back to work tomarrow. on a light note I bumpped into Mark Wahlberg on Dorchester Ave. yesterday on the way to the Dot. Houes. see you all later.

[Insert epic voice] after month of waiting. after the going though blood, sweet and greenbacks, the Time is apon us. time to enjoy the sweetness, the awsomeness, the epic epic to end all epics, HALO: REACH! [/insert epic vioce] ok i'm done.

I'm just kicking back and watching Big Trouble in Little China on my Xbox, odd thing is that after all this time I did not know that the movie was a John Carrpiner movie? Or did I see from the beginning. Well night all

ok were's this big bad hurricane we were going to get? so far it only a heavy showers.

I think I'm haveing a heat induse brinstarm. I thought about Star Trek and Harry Potter the Harry, Hermione and Ron are almost like Kirk, Spock and Bones. now follow my resonning here Harry almost act like Kick fallowing his gut and headstrong. Hermione is the logical on of the three like Spcok is for the trek crew, Ron's the one that play everying out as it happens. I'll work on this more, night all

Don't ever change MK, don't ever change!

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