Friday, February 11, 2011


I saw this ad in the personal encounters section of Craigslist under Men seeking Women......

Me: Late 50's ex-con, currently unemployed. I have a fear of water, so I rarely shower. I am 80 pounds overweight, but not really concerned about it. I'm a recovering alcoholic, although I've only been sober for a couple weeks, so I could relapse at any moment. I enjoy video games and sleeping.

You: Young attractive professional with a good income and a nice home. Must be a good cook and enjoy oral sex (giving not receiving). If you have children that's OK, as long as they know how to keep a secret. I am extremely racist, so do not respond unless you are white. No fat chicks please.

I wonder if he got any responses......


  1. my response: why were you looking around the m4w personals page?

  2. Ahh Martin, you're so clever. You've seen through my little ruse. I made the whole thing up. But seriously, I do read the m4w Craigslist sometimes because there is nothing funnier or more pathetic than a desparate man trying to find a woman on a free cyber bulletin board. It's a good source for comedy material....