Monday, February 22, 2010


Recent events have conspired to make some big changes around here.
First of all, I found out that there are already quite a few blogs out there called Felt Up (the best being a fun gossip site which you can check out here). This is something I maybe should have checked out before naming my blog, but I just couldn’t resist the clever poker pun of “felt” combined with the way life leaves me feeling most of the time: felt up.
Secondly, I have come to the conclusion that poker is bullshit. No, not really, but I did determine that I need to take some time away from it, and when I return I need to take a more casual and fun approach to it. There will still be poker related posts, but it will not be the main focus.
Thirdly, my interests have naturally swayed towards movies, TV, sports, society, and humor. These are the topics that captivate and amuse me on a daily basis, and therefore they are the things I want to write about.
The new title of the blog is Throwin’ Rocks. It is a reference to the great movie The Big Lebowski, in which Donny says “I’m really throwin’ rocks tonight!” referring to his good bowling. It is also a reference to the old saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks,” a concept that we all struggle with from time to time.
These are exciting, heady times at Throwin’ Rocks, and I hope you enjoy the new direction it is taking. And don’t worry, we are still under old management.


  1. Enjoy the detour! We'll leave ya in google reader until you decide it's time to sell out to a big marketing company and post nothing but ads for absorbent undergarments. I hate those blogs.

  2. lol- thanks for the support. I'll try to mention poker, pinball, and Minnesota sports as much as possible to keep you entertained. I'm going to the classic arcade museum at Funspot in NH (as seen in the King of Kong) this spring, so you don't want to miss that trip report. I loved your post on the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas......