Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think I finally just got over the Vikings playoff loss yesterday. Well, to the extent that you ever get over a heartbreaking loss like that. Just add it to the pile of stunning and painful losses in a lifetime of bleeding Purple. It was a pleasure to have Favre as a Viking. He is a warrior and a champ, and he gave us a special year that I'll never forget. Now he should retire. There's no way he could recreate the magic of last year again.
Ahh, poker. Well, I've come to that realization that so many poker dreamers before me must have come to also. I'm never going to be a professional poker player. I always kind of knew it, but now I have to put all denial aside and say it out loud. "I'll never be a professional poker player." Like the compulsive gambler in the Intervention episode I watched last night, I kept thinking the big score is right around the corner. If I could only put together a run.....But it is a bittersweet moment. On one hand, I'm giving up the dream of doing something that I really love for a living, and on the other hand I can go back to playing poker the way I used to, back when it was fun. It will be great to play the game for itself, to revel in the nuances and live in the moment. Doyle Brunson once said that you'll never be a great poker player until the money doesn't matter. Now the pressure to steadily earn a profit is off, and at the micro stakes I play for, the money truly doesn't matter! I'm free. Liberated to go back to enjoying the game I fell in love with so many years ago....
Although, if my newfound laissez-faire attitude leads me to better results, and maybe I place high in a tourney or two, then...........Stop it!
Enjoy poker, everybody.

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  1. The purple tears always get wiped away when I hear the training facility in Ft. Meyers is filled with the boys from the Twins. Win Twins! (Vikings? Football? It's baseball season - yee haw!)