Saturday, September 18, 2010


I just rewatched Grey Gardens (1975), the groundbreaking documentary about Jackie O.'s eccentric aunt and cousin. It's basically an hour and a half audio visual definition of "crazy cat lady." They even eat cat food. Pretty amazing movie.
That got me thinking about all the famous crazy cat ladies throughout history. Of course there's the Simpsons crazy cat lady, who used to be a news anchor before everything went haywire.
Every once in awhile you hear about a rich old bat who left her fortune to her cats. At the wine shop, people would ask me about Bordeaux the cat wandering the aisles, and sometimes I'd tell them that the eccentric owner of the building had left everything to Bordeaux when she died, so the cat actually owned the store. About 98% of the people believed it no questions asked.
There is even a guy in Pennsylvania who built a village for his 660 rescued cats. Crazy cat guy? Doesn't really roll off the tongue like crazy cat lady.

But the all-time, life acheivment oscar goes to this Russian lady with 130 cats in a tiny apartment. Cats rule! Metal rulez! Mosh pits rule! And my god, that apartment must smell bad........

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  1. Eck! I feel a furball coming on...