Thursday, August 26, 2010


My friend Henri just visited me. He's moving to California, so it was great to see him before he takes off. Here's a picture of Henri and me (I'm the one on the right).

While he was here, we ate clam chowder, blueberry pie, lobster, organic free range chicken, blueberry muffins, and delicious chocolate chip cookies that my friends Rob and Ama sent up, as well as phenomenal granola from my friend Van D. I also got cigars, DVD's, Mexican candy, and books including Inbound #4: A Comic Book History of Boston that my friend Steve is in. Support indy art!

Notice the Mexican cereal. "Zucaritas: They'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre estupendo!!!!!"

While Henri was here, we went on a whale watch on this boat:

It's an 84 foot, 100 year-old schooner named the Sylvania W. Beal. It's a beautiful wooden sailboat, and we had a great cruise. We saw eagles, porpoises, seals, Minke whales, and even a 50 foot Finback Whale! It breached just a few feet off the bow of the boat, and it was gigantic! We saw it's double blow hole as it sprayed water before slipping under the water again leaving an eerily still patch of water called a "footprint." Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing a majestic creature like that up close. The cruise itself was beautiful, and would have been fun even if we didn't see a whale. I hate it when people get bogged down in a sort of trophy hunting, touristy mindset of "I have to see this, or do this, and check it off the list" without relaxing and enjoying the journey. That being said........I'm glad we saw a whale! Henri also spotted a fellow Jew (much rarer than whales in Maine). Even though it was totally overcast, I managed to get sunburned. Of course, I got sunburned indoors once, so that's not surprising.

This is the painting of Master Billy Quizboy from The Venture Brothers that I did for Henri. We are both huge fans of that show as well as Jeopardy!, so it was an obvious choice.

It was great to see Penny the bulldog (and her chauffeur too, I suppose).

Have fun in California Henri!

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