Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Just a quick follow up to my last post:
This article just popped up today. Teresa Giudice (pronounced like an Israeli craps game) is still out blowing money, right after filing bankruptcy. She claims it was money earned from a book deal after they filed so it's ok. Should you really be out spending $60,000 on furniture after you had to auction everything including your wedding rings because you are over $10 million in debt??? And who the hell gave that hose beast a book deal?? It's one thing to watch the show and mock her, but to shell out money for a book she "wrote?" Come on! She couldn't fucking spell book. The library in her McMansion only has three books, and two of them are already colored in. Well, I'm just glad the Ho Wives of NJ are finally getting a little media attention (sarcasm font).
If you haven't seen the show, or if you are an avid viewer, here's a funny animated clip that pretty accurately sums up the show. It is definitely NSFW.

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  1. You anti-semite! How dare you refer to Jewish people like that? 3000 years of beautiful history from Moses to Koufax, you better believe I'm offended. Shomer Shabbas!