Monday, June 28, 2010


A couple weeks ago, I openly mocked the iPad on Facebook. Four days later, my trusty five year old laptop fried out. F U Jobs, you evil cyber-Sith overlord!
Ahhh, it's a remarkable technological age we live in. Computers are amazing. They enable us to do things instantly that we only dreamed of years ago. When they crash however, we are aggravatingly plunged back into the dark ages. It could not have happened at a worse time. I'm unemployed and trying to save money for a move. What little work I have is telecommuting jobs that require a computer and the internet. My communication, entertainment, gambling, research, finances, gaming, writing, and job/apt. searches are all done online. How can I depend so much on something that barely existed 15 years ago?!? I may have to resort to talking to people and maybe reading a book. Yikes.
I don't think my laptop is completely dead, but it is on life support. Unfortunately, I don't have a reliable person to take a look at it. What I don't know about computer maintenance and repair could fill books. I'll keep you abreast as I work on a solution. My posts may be even more sporadic than usual for a little while....
The real reason I am even writing about this is as a cautionary tale. For all my fellow writers out there; get a flash drive, or a disc, or a Husker Du or whatever and SAVE YOUR WORK NOW AND OFTEN. Fortunately, I have most of my work on disc, but I lost a few items and everything I was currently working on. Hopefully all my files will be salvageable from my hard drive, but that's an uncertain, nerve wracking boat to be in right now. I have Webroot virus protection and online back-up, but the catch is that they don't give you enough space to save a bundt cake recipe. You have to upgrade to the "premium package" for that. I despise sale tactics like that, but it seems like a smart investment from where I sit now.
So check your back-ups, print out hard copies, and save your shit. When everything is fine, we take computers for granted, but when they conk out we really appreciate everything they do for us.
Hug your computer you lucky bastards, and I'll write more when I can.

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