Sunday, April 25, 2010


Like an on again, off again girlfriend, poker has re-entered my life, and the make up sex has been great! After a brief time off, I returned to poker playing exclusively sit-n-gos. I love them! It's like making the final table of a tourney everytime! I like that I can't get suddenly moved once I get a read on my opponents. I like the practice of playing 4 handed, 3 handed, and heads up. I like the payout and blinds structure. I've since moved on to playing cash games in preparation for a trip to Boston (my first live poker in months). I'm also going to Laconia NH for a couple days to visit the legendary Funspot for vintage arcade and pinball games (see: The King of Kong). Look for a post on that in a couple weeks. Until then, life is short- do what makes you happy!

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