Friday, April 15, 2011


It was a dark day today indeed. The Department of Justice passed down eleven indictments for the heads of the big three online poker sites and their bank processors. I already wrote a rant to my poker buddies about the insanity and arrogant stupidity of the DOJ not charging a single broker or banker with the corrupt and illegal gambling that Wall St. did with the global economy, but going out to arrest people in the deserts of Las Vegas and Utah today and ceremoniously seizing the poker domain sites. The Vegas casinos are chuckling and rubbing their hands together getting ready to sweep in and take over the gigantic online poker market with a sanctimonious Uncle Sam holding their hand the whole way. The writing has been on the wall for a while now, and all the back room deals are already done. There had to be a way that they could have legalized the current system and taxed the hell out of it, but instead, the companies that have built the technology and the customer base are pushed aside so that the people who make campaign contributions and kickbacks can reap the rewards in this mockery of a free market the civic studies books have been lying to us about all this time. Wall St. gambles with other people's money and walks away rich either way, but for god knows what reason, the government feels the need to bail them out while at the same time passing the UIEGA which prohibits people from gambling with their own money online. After all, gambling is illegal. Unless it's credit default swaps, or a state lottery, or on every corner in America at stores selling scratch tickets, or on Indian land, or in Atlantic City, or Vegas, or Reno, or L.A. casinos, or on a boat moored two feet off of land in Mississippi. But not in the privacy of your own home. It's definitely illegal there. Thank god congress and the DOJ swooped in and put a stop to that. America is safe yet again from the horrors of somebody sitting back at home and actually doing something enjoyable in these bleak times. Thank the good lord. Tonight I don't even care that much about the hypocrisy or even the principle of the matter. I'm just sad. Sad that I can no longer play my Wednesday night home game online. Sad that another enjoyable activity has been prohibited. Sad that the only thing the government can seem to accomplish these days is to make life less fun, and do the biddings of big interests. Oh well. Maybe I'll just order some pills online, buy a jug of booze, and scratch lotto tickets all night and just be happy that I'm protected from the evils of poker sites.

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